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Since 2010, the company NetConnect S.A. operates in IT distribution in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

The first collaborations, with important firms in the field of technology, began in 2011. In the meantime, NetConnect has been continuously widening its range of products, while always keeping focus on IT accessories and peripherals.

NetConnect S.A. central office is located in Athens, with branch offices in Moschato (Athens) and Thessaloniki.

Since August 2012, the company has established a new collaboration with the company CC-LIT S.A. which specializes in IT logistics. CC-LIT Α.Ε. provides storage, distribution and service for both Athens and Thessaloniki offices.

NetConnect S.A. is dedicated to providing its costumers a flexibility in choice through a wide variety of IT products, availability and competitive prices.
Its goal is to achieve an outstanding growth through its exceptional cooperation with its suppliers and customers.

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